2020 Kyuquot Season

As strained as 2020 was the world over – we at KBH had a good summer season. Due to Covid Protocols, we operated in 2020 at 50% capacity and was fully booked at that level. The season couldn’t of been better.

With travel restrictions in place, our long time international clients were not able to visit KBH. Clients were able to travel from Western Canada and experienced our typical KBH fishing. Chinook, halibut and lingcod were at levels we have always had the pleasure of during our past 27 years.

Inshore and offshore Chinook fishing was great as ever, as was the halibut fishing. Ling cod fishing was spectacular and carried on throughout the season. One notable exception was that the Coho did not swing close to the beach and subsequently we missed great skip fly fishing. We trust that they will return in 2021.

The 2020 fishing experience at KBH was at typical exciting levels with lots of fishing action. The lower number of guests in the lodge provided a more intimate and wilderness sensation. The gourmet meals received praise from all guests.