If you are like most people that have tried pacific spot prawns….you probably love them. The big thing is to have perfect prawns long after you caught them.

Storing: Unless you are eating them fresh my favourite technique is to immediately remove the heads of the prawns and freeze in a 1 litre plastic container. Fill the container with 25 prawns and the balance with water. The water….ice protects from freezer burn. When thawing make sure the prawns drain and don’t sit in the thawed water. Keep cool until cooking time.

Cooking: Bring water to a rolling boil , add prawns and cook for 1 minute AND NOT A SECOND LONGER. The water need not come back to a boil, just make sure you have adequate water. Quickly remove prawns (smallest ones first) , strain and immerse the prawns in ice water to stop the cooking process. Only let sit in the ice water until the prawns have cooled no longer…. don’t want to make the prawns soggy.  Slightly salt the unshelled prawns and refrigerate. Understandably the biggest prawns have more meat and will require the full minute. Smaller prawns need less. If the boiled prawns float take them out of the water sooner.

Remember:  If you wish to fry, broil, skew etc.etc your prawns, the heat of the cooking will remain with the prawns until consumed. I consider any prawn cooked over 1 minute as overcooked. So if you are jump frying and cook for 1 minute and guests are slow to the table…the heat will stay with the prawn for as long as it takes for them to get to the table…… and get overcooked.  Just like a steak slightly undercooked with anticipation of the remaining cooking will happen as the product cools enroute to the table is a good method to follow.

Note: I had a friend who wasn’t keen on our latest prawning adventure as he thought spot prawns were mushy. What a terrible shame for one to buy spot prawns at a restaurant here in Vancouver and have that opinion of “one of the most delicious foods on the planet”!  When done with the 1 minute principal your prawns will be crunchy and very flavourful.